tC Kids – Special Needs
Sundays at 8:30 & 10:00

The Special Needs Ministry does more than care for children with special needs; we teach them about Jesus in ways that are meaningful to them based on their developmental, behavioral, and sensory needs.


It’s our desire to provide a place for children, youth, and young adults with special needs to hear the gospel in an environment and with the resources that help make the message of God’s love and Jesus’ friendship come alive for them! We currently serve children and adolescents up to age 15 and have plans to expand our ministry to serve adolescents and young adults in 2013. We serve children with Down’s Syndrome, autism, intellectual disability, and other behavioral and developmental disabilities.


We currently adapt preschool & elementary curriculum to include more literal, hands on, and tactile activities to minister to our kids while appealing to their sensory needs! In the higher functioning class, we supplement curriculum with modeling and cues for positive social interactions. Children also have an opportunity to participate with typically developing peers in the indoor playground as well as in the large group environments consisting of worship, drama, and storytelling hosted by the preschool & elementary programs.

Sunday & Wednesday Nights

We will continue to serve your children during Adult Community Groups almost every Sunday and Wednesday evening as well as special events.

We have employment opportunities throughout the week in this area. If you are interested in applying to be a paid childcare worker or have questions regarding the Sunday/Wednesday Night schedule, please contact Lisa Noble.


We offer a program for lower functioning school-aged children during the 8:30AM and 10:00AM service. An additional program for higher functioning school-aged children is open during the 10:00AM service only.

The special needs classrooms are designed to be sensitive to sensory needs such as visual/spatial layout, lighting, noise thresholds, tactile/visual stimulation, and high energy levels.

Dedicated volunteers love and care for children and adolescents each week. We have a small child-to-teacher ratio to provide appropriate supervision, simulation, and behavior management for our kids. A required training for teachers covers education regarding the range of developmental needs and stigma towards children with special needs, procedures for behavior management, and lifestyle management for these kids (e.g., nutrition, medical as they pertain to participation in our class). We are blessed to have many of our teachers with specialized training and professional experience in, but not limited to, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech/language therapy, clinical psychology, special education, and nursing.


At theCHURCH, we believe that serving is an important part of one’s journey with Christ. We have several volunteer opportunities within the Special Needs Ministry including Sunday morning teacher, weekday volunteer, and curriculum resources.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, email Emily Lusk or call 918-355-3699.


Our Special Needs Resource Book, which covers the scope of our ministry, is available for download here. At the end of the resource book is a profile for caregivers to complete so that we can better know how to serve your child.

The profile can be emailed to Kimberly Tomlinson, the Special Needs Coordinator, at or simply brought to church on Sunday.


For more information regarding the Special Needs Ministry, contact Kimberly Tomlinson at or 918-355-3699