True worship can be defined as experiencing God in His greatness.

Whether in your living room, or in front of thousands of people, experiencing God through worship is one of the most powerful moments in the life of a believer. It can change you. You may be musical, an actor, have an eye for photography, good behind a sound or light console, a graphic designer, or stage design. Whatever your creative bent, come join us as we create experiences that lead people to experience the greatness and presence of their Creator. We desire to create a worship experience that leaves you wanting more, inspires you to invite a friend, and moves you to a deeper relationship with the Father.


As Part of the tC Worship Team, we get to lead our church into encounters with the King through music every week. Helping people of all ages advance in their journey through experiencing His presence. Come be a part of what God is doing through worship at Let your creativity thrive through connecting with other worshipers in your community.
We have open positions in the Band and Vocal Group. We are also taking applications for Seasonal internships.

Contact Ashlee Osborn at

Production + Tech

These are the people that nobody sees unless something goes wrong. Anyone who’s ever been involved in this world knows that if we do our job, we are unseen and unnoticed. Our incredible production team are the behind-the-scenes champions that actually make Sunday’s happen. Cameras. Lighting. Video. Sound. Stage. Computers. Directors. We’ve got a spot for anyone regardless of experience. There’s never a dull moment in the world of live production.
Contact Ashlee Osborn,

Contact Ashlee Osborn,


Print. Web. Video. Marketing. Motion graphics. Whatever the medium, our mission is to communicate the message of the cross and the mission of our church in such a way that both are irresistible. Feel free to let us know how we’re doing.
Feel like helping out and plugging in?
Contact Ashlee Osborn,

Contact Ashlee Osborn,


Simply put… it’s the WOW factor. It’s that moment when you walk in our worship center and think to yourself, this is going to be good! It’s creating anticipation and setting the context. The environment is a person’s first impression of our worship experience before anything even happens on stage, so we want it to be good!
Got construction skills?
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Contact Ashlee Osborn,