Adults Of All Ages


Community Groups at the Church are as diverse as the people that lead and attend them.  Our community groups are how we do church and meet the needs of our growing family of believers.  Every week, thousands of men and women gather in homes across the greater Tulsa metro area.  Most groups gather for connection, food, prayer, worship, and a study based around the bible, all with a goal of helping people advance in their journey with Christ. Currently, we have over 100 groups to choose from. These groups meet in various locations, on various nights of the week, in various generational mixes, studying various subjects of the bible.  The majority of our groups are built around relationships but we also have groups that focus specifically on topics, such as finances, ministries, or a specific life challenge support group, like divorce care.

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To learn more about upcoming events for all adult ministry areas, visit our connection kiosks on either of our campuses, or visit the event registration page for upcoming events.



Life for women these days can be stress-packed and harried, leaving them little time for themselves or God.

Our goal is to provide an environment where women can be honest about their struggles, find encouragement, connect with other women, and leave with the tools to live life the way God meant it to be lived. Through the use of Bible study, women’s events, and women’s interest groups, our goal is to build a community of women who love and are following Jesus.

Summer Conversations begins June 3, 2015
6:30-8:30pm – Wednesdays at BattleCreek
6 week Bible Study based on the 2015 IF:Gathering
Multi-week Bible Study
Childcare available

For more specific questions on women’s ministry feel free to contact Brenda Senter at



Men have numerous opportunities for spiritual growth, connection with other men, and involvement in ministry through theChurch.  At the core of these opportunities is something called The Journey.  Guys involved in this small group experience are engaged in a quest – to know Christ more intimately and to become the men He intended them to be in every area of their lives.  This takes place through weekly or bi-weekly meetings along with the participant’s own study of God’s Word and the encouragement of the Journey guide.

For more information about The Journey, check out  Be sure to catch the testimonial video from our Pastor Alex Himaya.  You can also contact John Wheeler at or Bryan Craig at for more information.


Midpoint Singles

You’re 30 or older and you’ve never married.  Or (for any number of reasons) you’re single again.  Either way, you’re looking for opportunities to connect with other single adults who want to grow in their relationship with Christ.  MidPoint Singles is for you.  Check out the connection kiosk for upcoming events and activities or sign in to facebook and then check out our facebook page by clicking here.   We look forward to meeting you and sharing in the journey together.


Married adults

At the Church we celebrate marriage because it is one of those ultimate pictures of our relationship with Christ.  For a lot of our married couples, they find our community groups a great place to connect with other married couples in similar stages of life or even connect in a group with some older couples to find mentors who are just ahead of them in their journey with Christ.  So whether you are engaged and are considering marriage and need a great premarital class or looking for a way to move your marriage from just being married to knowing you’re fully living out the marriage that God intended for you, we are here to cheer you on.  Check out our events page for upcoming marriage related events or check out our community group directory to find a married community group that is just right for you.  Contact Kent Choate at for any more specific questions or contact John Wheeler at if you are seeking some type of marriage counseling.


Young Adults@C230

One of the primary ways that we connect young adults through the church is a ministry we call C230. With the main support coming from our community groups, this ministry is about connecting 20s and 30s to love, serve, & grow. One of our main goals is to connect individuals from all walks of life (singles, married without kids, widows, singles with kids, dating) together to serve and share life together. We do this by engaging on Sunday mornings through connection events, in and outside of the church service opportunities, and growing together with fun activities throughout the year. C230 is one part of the body of Christ coming together to live life! For more detailed information contact: Maloree Hamel at