Tulsa, America, and the world.

A phrase that you’ll consistently hear in our community. We want to be the type of people that are engaged in our local culture while still reaching out to the rest of the world.

So we have a deaf church and a Hispanic church. And we take on local events like tC Toys and Clean Slate. We develop partnerships with surrounding school districts.

Internationally, we have permanent or long term teams in Egypt, China, and South America. Almost every week throughout the year, we are sending teams all over the world on short term mission trips.

We do all these things because we believe so firmly that the message of Jesus is meant for all people. Not just those that look, talk, and smell like us.


We believe that no matter what age you are, you have the potential to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. That’s why we provide environments at every age level – from preschool to senior adults – for people to encounter grace.

Whether in The Castle for the three to five year olds, Synergy for grade level children, Everyday Students for your teenagers, The Loop for college and young professionals, or Community Groups for adults, we do it all because we feel the message of Jesus is meant for everyone – no matter their age.


Because we are purpose and process driven, we believe it is TIME to Tell, Involve, Mature and Empower people to advance in their journey with Jesus.


To tell people in Tulsa, America and the World about the love of Jesus. The bible word for Tell is Evangelism, which simply means Good News. We have good news and a whole world to tell. Our primary “Tell” strategy is to Invest and Invite. We believe it works very well for all of our people to invest in unchurched people and invite them to one of our services where they can meet Jesus Christ. 


We are not a church with Community Groups we are a church of Community Groups. We feel that all believers and non-believers alike need to be connected to a Community Group. There is no other place to better be connected than to go into a home and meet other believers and non-believers that share the same struggles and frustrations in life that can pray and encourage each other along the way.


We believe that each believer needs to go to the next level in their walk with Christ and that there need to be programs in place to help you grow. Just as a weight lifter can never stare at the weights and get strong, neither can you as a believer stare at the Bible and grow in your faith.


We know that Jesus did not come to be served but to serve and this is why we consider service a core value of TCABC. We believe every member should be plugged into a place of service. We have many places to serve at TCABC, there is a place for you. We believe each member is a minister to be empowered into ministry (Romans 12:6-8). 


At BattleCreek, we feel that we’ve created a fantastic way to help people grow individually in Christ and together in the context of community. It’s called ADVANCE – a seven part trajectory of facilitated courses that will help you ADVANCE in your relationship with Christ.

Know that our ADVANCE strategy is only a suggested track for growth. By no means should you view these programs / courses / activities as a checklist for completion. Take them at your own speed. Skip some. Come back to others multiple times. Study them within a community group. However it is you learn best, do that.

But, please, try them. We’ve provided these modules for you to advance in your relationship with Christ. To take it to the next level – whatever your next level may be.

Learn more about our ADVANCE strategy here